Alpha Aplikacije is a company created with a goal to help every client to keep up with the web standards.

We care about our clients because our goal is not only the production but also the maintenance, update and development of your website as well as the success of your online marketing.

We make constant progress and we update our solutions by following the trends as well as latest accomplishments in the development of web technologies, design and marketing. Our motivation and knowledge creates innovative ideas and solutions. Our only success is a satisfied client!

Services that we offer!

Website development

A website is your exhibit on the Internet, and with the correct approach, it can also become the most powerful selling tool you have ever had!

Web design

The service of web design also includes the design of the visual appearance of a website, i.e. all that a visitor sees when he clicks on the website.

Web marketing

Web marketing or online marketing includes activities through online interactive media in order to promote products and services via the Internet and digital media.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization is the process by which the improvements on Your website and around them we achieve greater visibility on Internet search engines. Greater visibility will result in a larger number of visits to your website.