Our team consists of people who have the knowledge, the desire to advance, and a drive for success. Our people are what make Alpha Applications special.

Marko Kukec

Founder and CEO, Alpha Applications

Marko started Alpha Applications with a vision to deliver exceptional web development and client service to a global market. Now 30, Marko had an early entry into the private sector, building up career experience and qualifications from the University Hrvatsko Zagorje Krapina in Informatics. He transitioned with energy and enthusiasm into his role as a business owner bringing more than a decade experience to found Alpha Applications. The company is growing steadily and expanding to cater to a global market. Marko enjoys bringing his work experience and client interactions to solve the challenges clients faces on a daily basis.

Marko Krznar

Lead Developer

Marko joined Alpha Applications while still studying. A motivated and hard working team member, his great potential was quickly discovered and Marko soon took over full development of Alpha's website delivery. With a professional approach from day one, he radiates positive energy, and easily overcomes obstacles. Marko leads colleagues with confidence and fulfils all our client requirements.

Ana-Marija Kapusta

Project manager

Ana is the newest member of our team. She clearly communicates with and listens to clients and associates to reach common goals and achieve mutual satisfaction. Ana believes team work is the key to success of every company. With her arrival, the team has a new positive atmosphere and it is an exciting period of growth for Alpha Applications as we deliver new projects.

Goran Hubak

Web developer

Like his colleague Marko, Goran came to the company as a fourth year student of the best faculty in the Republic of Croatia for information science. In the Alpha Applications team, Goran brings his expert programmer knowledge and easily adresses the most demanding things clients seek from us. He is also an expert in other IT areas we encounter when developing websites. He is a valued team member, as what is an extra effort for others is a joy to him. We consider him our hero from the shadows. Hubak, Goran Hubak

Dinko Špehar

Web designer

Our colleague Dinko looks at the world around him with designer eyes. His motto is: ”You can not become an artist, an artist is born that way”. He helps the team by injecting creativity and ideas into our projects and the result is modern and visually appealing website design. His approach to every project is serious and thorough. He has a natural gift for design and always explores new trends. Dinko is always ready for a joke and boosts the mood of the whole team.